Uncertain Love in a Time of Perpetual War
      Uncertain Love in a Time of Perpetual War

Fiercely fighting, and fiercely dying,
another day another hassle, mostly caused-
brought about by me. Why?

Do I not have the same windows
and see the same world?
Was the snow so much colder for the nazis
and so made them so much more mad?
Well they had their day in history,
when is my reprieve from cold and hunger?

Cold and hunger for something other than
noxious sunlight and food;
I have plenty of that, even the poor are fat in America.
When will my door open on something?—
When someone comes to me and knocks, it's me that feels unwelcome.

But I have my dreams and my memories,
and a stack of hopes taller and wider than me;
maybe if I don't lose them or my house doesn't burn down,
if they're not already fading like the smell of my favorite book
which was the only thing that let me remember my grandma's voice
and the best of times with my old best friend,
I can carry that bliss to the door I cherish
and knock without feeling like a boor.

by rowens

the thread for this poem can be found here
hope you all enjoy it as much as i do.
Oh, damn. Now I feel guilty about my lecture on why nazis should be lowercase.
don't it didn't detract, i just saw it as a missed cap and the lecture was okay Smile
(12-14-2018, 12:16 PM)rowens Wrote:  Oh, damn. Now I feel guilty about my lecture on why nazis should be lowercase.
I appreciate the having been Spotlighted. billy, I think, was always, and has always been the harshest critic of me. Of me in every way. . . . But I wonder . . . why aren't the harshest critics, Leanne, milo, Tecktac, or however you spell his goofy name, why aren't they here tearing me apart? Making me work harder? I miss them. I, admit, value them. Not that I don't value billy. He's the hardest of the bunch. Him and Lizzie. ( Oh, come on, Lizzie. You know what I mean.) ''You have to be cruel to be kind in the right measure.''

And you, ex ladder alice. You're the only one who seems to be online right now. I appreciate you, although I'm not sure, really, what race or gender you are. And even though you seem to have never posted any poetry. So it's hard to say about you. That's why I like you. Please don't say that you have an ass, that jiggles like jello, or else I'll never be able to get over you. And I'm not alluding to newsclippings' Private Messages to me at all. So don't go there. . . .
you grate me up the wrong way rowens but i think you're good for the site. it's probably because of our personalities, Leanne is away for personal reasons. as for the others, tom and milo i think made a choice and ella i' will email
I want you all. It don't feel right without you all.
as do i but lives go on outside this forum. people move on to other things. we have built it, maybe they will come Smile

(12-16-2018, 10:03 AM)rowens Wrote:  I want you all. It don't feel right without you all.
Nice job here rowens. I especially like the third stanza.
Time is the best editor.
I'll have to go back and see what the third stanza says.
The only person who's read this poem, who I know in person, a member of a writers' group, says that this is the rantings of an entitled child. And I feel bad for not having died in war. But this all goes into the online conversation. I get only negative feedback from those I meet in person. And good feedback from people I don't even know really. This could be a good discussion subject. But I'm not starting it. I'm tired of starting stuff.
the rule is don't take what the poet says as what he actually does, think of feel. the poet could be anyone. to think otherwise is a little silly don't you think.

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