1977* by Tiger the Lion
The streetlights have only just come on
and Father’s summoning whistle 
stabs into the park.
I could kiss you quickly
(before it gets dark)
and have an excuse 
to turn and run.

* Original thread can be found here.
It could be worse
It's summer, isn't it? I can smell it. Lovely.
I love this moment and all it brings with it. When I reread the original thread and all the things other people saw in this I just want to shake it off. I'm glad it has been isolated here so I can have it my way. Smile

One of many of your works that stick with me.
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can't believe i missed this little pearl tiger, how brave our first kiss was back in the day. you capture the thoughts behind the mechanics of it superbly. good choice for the hogs-spot
I'm always awed by how you can use adverbs and it's ok.

You post so much great work. Congratulations!  Big Grin
Your use of stabs is so good contextually. Tightly written, very nicely done.
The secret of poetry is cruelty.--Jon Anderson
Thanks guys. It's a privilege to be read by you all.
I like this poem, muchly.
Well deserved spotlight, Tiger
there's always a better reason to love
Love this one, it really got inside my own memories, so well crafted. Congratulations TTl

If your undies fer you've been smoking through em, don't peg em out
Nice one Tiger. This piece can't help but stir up some memories.
Time is the best editor.

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