Skeleton On The Sea Floor* by Lizzie
[font=Gentium Book Basic]Skeleton On The Sea Floor

It just appeared there one day, fused to the seabed 
as one clinically depressed merges with their mattress
or decomposes into couch cushions. Weight fell
like a thick blanket over their face as they slept, 
convincing the mind to keep dreaming and the lungs to surrender. 
It just appeared there one day, like a woman 
of thirty-five suddenly seeing her feet wearing sensible heels, 
sitting behind a desk with a picture of a husband and two kids, 
unable to breathe. 

* Original thread can be found here[/font]
It could be worse
This was always one of my favorites!  Congratulations, Lizzie!!! big hug big hug big hug
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Well done Lizzie!
Good for you, kid!
Congratulations on your
awesome achievement! <3
there's always a better reason to love
Always so interesting watching you edit, Lizzie. Well done.
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Awwww, thanks guys. Blush 

Now I know which version to stick with! I pull this one out every couple of months and try to make decisions....never can...

I would like to thank everybody who helped by providing feedback. I got some great support.
It's an excellent poem, Lizzie, and the last lines do indeed knock the breath out of you.
It could be worse
like it lots.
i wonder if there´s a way to avoid spelling out depression, since it´s such a loaded term (and caused by so many different things).
Thank you Leanne for spotlighting this one by Lizzie I totally missed it on the forum. Really well done Lizzie, the close is quite daunting and make the re read ever more powerful. Congratulations. Keith

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Nice one Lizzie. Read this one a few times and it gets better with each read.
Time is the best editor.

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