Perversion by Richard
I can feel my age
like a nervous adolescent undoing a bra.

Do I kiss her neck,
turn off the lights,
or take off my pants?

I want to think my choice matters.

Then it's over:
a mess, an apology,
and I'm red faced.
I feel with a vague certainty
that our bodies have limitations.

I'm scared,
I know this will happen again;
actually, part of me
for an even worse ending.


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The secret of poetry is cruelty.--Jon Anderson
I'd missed this earlier: fine choice. The ending is sublime.
~ I think I just quoted myself - Achebe
Congrats, Richard! Thumbsup
Woohoo, congrats, Richard, so much so good here. Smile
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Good work!
A lovely bit of perversion indeed, well done Richard.
It could be worse
Big Grin  Well done!  Congratulations, Richard!   Thumbsup
The Soufflé isn’t the soufflé; the soufflé is the recipe. --Clara 
Todd, thank you so much for the spotlight. This site has been a wonderful experience for me because I have gotten so many incredible ideas for the poems I have submitted, and plenty of kind words as well.
Richard, I don't know if you've noticed, but spotlighted poems have been few and far between recently. In fact, there have never been all that many selected. Your poem is outstanding, and you have been a very welcome addition to our site. Thank you.
It could be worse
well done richard; solid choice todd.
Great choice Todd, really well done Richard it is a pleasure reading your work and comments.

If your undies fer you've been smoking through em, don't peg em out
Very worthy poem, really well written & enjoyable to read out loud, I love reading poems out loud Smile

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