Geometry by dukealien
by dukealien

The world is woven widershins
with widowed webs of spider silk
all silver sunshine, steely glass
intent to trap, its trackways bright
concatenated cables, spun 
delight the eye with islands wrought
on air by tireless spinnerets.

Our world’s a web of writhing threads
connecting, coupling every point
with every other thought to be
extant in any sense at all,
each one related, first of two.
Then each three, taken all at once
form triads, circulating strands
in two directions, ‘round the points
of each trilateral thus formed
just as those single two-point strands
go either way.

                Past triads then
to quads and quints, progressive paths
around and through the universe
of points conceived until we reach
the final figure which enfolds
each single locus.  Are we done?

Not yet!  Aside from running on
that final loop the other way
it’s not the only possible
connecting all.  Change order once,
change once again, the chosen course
is altered consequentially
each meaning subtly different.

So spider time ties life to lore:
your hand, the knocker, my front door.

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It could be worse
This is a joy to read.
I've only read through it a few times but I anticipate doing so again and again.
I can't stop reading it, and that to me makes it a brilliant poem.
It could be worse
(08-26-2016, 08:30 AM)Leanne Wrote:  I can't stop reading it, and that to me makes it a brilliant poem.

When I read it the first time, I thought it was quite good.
When I read it again, it got better.
And so on, and so on...

"Brilliant" isn't a term to be bandied about; and you haven't.

P.S. Even if I didn't understand a word of English, I would love it nonetheless.
feedback award
spirographical in a connective kind of way. well deserved.

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